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Full Catering
Spit-Roast Service

Full spit-roast catering service with a wide range of meats & other menu items available. Options include a second meat choice for your guests, salads, hot vegetables, canapés, starters, desserts, tea & coffee.

Perfect for family gatherings, weddings and corporate events.

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Wedding being catered

Meat in a Bun
Catering Service

A single meat choice of spit-roast hog, lamb, beef, BBQ, chicken, burgers or sausages served in a bun without salad or vegetable options.

Informal, no-frills catering perfect for budget or volume events.

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Four happy catering servers

Spit-Roast Service

Fully Automatic CE approved Spit Roast machine with or without meat. Available for you to cook and carve yourself. Supplied with Operator instructions on a 72 hour hire. Delivery & Collection service available.

Perfect for Amateurs, Professionals and everyone in between!

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Two men walking a Spit Roast machine across a street