About Us

Our family-run business was established in 1999 to offer the finest hogs, the highest standards of service and the best topic of conversation at parties across the UK: "What’s that delicious smell?"

We’ve been all over, large to small functions, indoors to outdoors, formal to casual. Our events have ranged as high as 5,000 people and we also regularly accommodate smaller parties on a budget with our easy and cheap DIY spit roast device. And our easy access to the M3, M25, M4, M11, and M1 makes it a short leap to get to your backyard.

The pigs, however, deserve to hog the spotlight here. Our business is about providing the best pigs available and cooking them to perfection. The pigs are locally-sourced and free range from Plantation Pigs and Blythburgh Free Range Pork, or from our very own Wiltshire farm. Need more than pork? We’ll supply whatever variety of roasted meats you wish to have at your party, including lamb, turkey, wild boar and venison.

In addition to expertly cooking your roast, we also provide the most fool-proof transportation and storage, something you can’t always take for granted in an industry full of cowboys. This commitment to excellence has made us the pick of celebrity chefs like Brian Turner, who had us work on a charity promotion breakfast in London which fed 840 hungry people in two hours.

And it’s made us the pick of thousands of people planning parties, all looking for a prime pig. Book early to make sure you’ll have yours ready in time, especially if you’re planning a summer event.